The world’s best kept whiskey secrets: Exploring lesser known whiskey regions and distilleries

While the world of whiskey is often associated with renowned regions like Scotland and Ireland, lesser known whiskey regions and distilleries offer unique strengths and exceptional spirits. From the scenic landscapes of Tasmania’s distilleries that produce high-quality single malt whiskies with a distinctive character influenced by the island’s climate, to the emerging craft distilleries in Japan that blend traditional techniques with innovative approaches to create smooth and sophisticated expressions, these lesser known whiskey regions showcase diversity and craftsmanship.

In addition, distilleries in countries such as Taiwan and India have gained recognition for their ability to adapt and experiment with maturation techniques, resulting in whiskies that possess a rich tapestry of flavours and surprising complexity. Exploring these hidden gems of the whiskey world provides a delightful journey of discovery for enthusiasts seeking new experiences and flavours.

Here are some of the world’s best kept whiskey gems:


Yamazaki Distillery (Suntory): Known for producing award-winning single malt whiskies, often incorporating both traditional Scottish methods and Japanese craftsmanship.

Yoichi Distillery (Nikka): Located in Hokkaido, Yoichi Distillery produces rich and peaty whiskies, inspired by Scottish distilling techniques.


Kavalan Distillery: Situated in Yilan County, Kavalan has gained international recognition for its high-quality single malt whiskies, often aged in intense climates that result in unique flavors.


Mackmyra Distillery: Renowned for its innovative approach, Mackmyra produces a range of single malt whiskies using locally sourced ingredients, including juniper twigs and Swedish oak.


Amrut Distilleries: Located in Bangalore, Amrut Distilleries produces single malt whiskies with a distinct character influenced by the tropical climate of the region.


Sullivan’s Cove Distillery: Situated in Tasmania, Sullivan’s Cove has received numerous awards for its single malt whiskies, showcasing the country’s unique terroir and climate.

South Africa:

The James Sedgwick Distillery: Known for its Three Ships and Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, this distillery produces a range of South African whiskies using locally grown barley.


Armorik Distillery: Located in Brittany, Armorik produces French single malt whiskies, often aged in unique oak casks, resulting in distinctive flavor profiles.


Slyrs Distillery: Situated in Bavaria, Slyrs is known for its Bavarian single malt whiskies, crafted using traditional methods and aged in oak barrels.

These are just a few examples of lesser-known whiskey regions and distilleries that offer unique and interesting expressions. Exploring whiskies from these regions can be a delightful journey for whiskey enthusiasts.

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