The Strong Number, 33

33 in Chinese sounds like “升升” in mandarin, which means Rising. This is displayed in the club’s design that evolves around the sun-dial concept, just like the Rising Sun, full of glimmering anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.

About 33Club

33Club is a private business and social club where influential leaders gather to make connections, forge relationships and grow wealth. Located at a prestigious address in Singapore’s financial district, the clubhouse is a space for conversations, deep sharings, business boosting and camaraderie, among founders, entrepreneurs, senior management and investors.

Mission & Vision


At 33Club, our mission is to create an exclusive haven where CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and investors can connect, collaborate, and thrive in an environment designed to inspire excellence and foster meaningful relationships. We strive to provide exceptional experiences, curated services, and a platform for personal and professional growth, ensuring that our esteemed members achieve their highest aspirations.


Our vision is to be the premier luxury club that brings together visionary leaders, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and influential investors in an unparalleled ecosystem of opulence and sophistication. We aim to create a thriving community where innovative minds converge, ideas flourish, and lifelong connections are forged. By offering an unrivalled range of tailored services and exquisite amenities, we aspire to be the ultimate destination for the elite, empowering them to achieve unprecedented success and make a lasting impact on the world.


Excellence: We are committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our services, ensuring the highest standards of quality, luxury, and attention to detail.

Connection: We believe in fostering genuine connections among our members, facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas to inspire growth and innovation.

Exclusivity: We maintain an exclusive environment that nurtures privacy, sophistication, and discretion, providing a sanctuary for our esteemed members to thrive.

Inspiration: We strive to create an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere that fuels creativity, ignites passion, and encourages continuous personal and professional development.

Unparalleled Service: We are dedicated to providing impeccable service, anticipating the needs and desires of our members, and surpassing their expectations at every turn.

By embodying these values, 33Club seeks to redefine the concept of exclusivity, becoming a coveted destination that empowers CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and investors to reach new heights of success while enjoying a curated and enriching lifestyle.

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