33Club defines 6 Pillars of Wealth to better suit its growing community

New Wealth:

The New Wealth pillar is dedicated to individuals who have achieved new millionaire and billionaire status through their successful business ventures including the crypto, NFT, AI and Web3 space. These esteemed members have made their mark in various industries, and bring a fresh perspective and entrepreneurial spirit to the club, driving innovation and growth.

Traditional Wealth:

The Traditional Wealth pillar encompasses multi-millionaires and billionaires who have built their fortunes through generations of business endeavors. These members hail from families with a long-standing legacy of success, embodying the values of hard work, perseverance, and business acumen. Their deep-rooted expertise and connections contribute to the club’s rich heritage.

Female Wealth:

The Female Wealth pillar celebrates the remarkable achievements of female millionaires and billionaires. This exclusive group of accomplished women entrepreneurs has shattered glass ceilings, paved new paths, and made a significant impact in various industries. They inspire and empower others through their success stories, leadership, and dedication to creating opportunities for women in business.

Overseas Wealth:

The Overseas Wealth pillar welcomes multi-millionaires and billionaires who, while not permanent residents, occasionally reside in Singapore. These international members bring a global perspective and a wealth of diverse experiences from their home countries. They contribute to the club’s vibrant international community, fostering connections and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges.

Finance Wealth:

The Finance Wealth pillar focuses on individuals who have attained multi-millionaire and billionaire status through the financial markets. These members have made astute investment decisions, navigated the complexities of financial instruments, and generated substantial wealth. Their deep understanding of the finance industry adds a valuable perspective to the club’s discussions and initiatives.

Collectors Wealth:

The Collectors Wealth pillar caters to individuals who have achieved financial success and are now indulging in their passion for collecting limited edition luxury items. These members, often semi-retired and seeking new business opportunities, have a deep appreciation for exquisite and rare artifacts such as fine wines, prestigious whiskeys, fine art pieces, and other unique collectibles. Within this pillar, members share their expertise, network with like-minded enthusiasts, and explore exclusive opportunities to expand their collections while enjoying the finer things in life

These six founding pillars reflect the diverse backgrounds, achievements, and areas of expertise of the esteemed members of 33Club. Each pillar represents a distinct segment of wealth and entrepreneurship, creating a dynamic and inclusive community that fosters collaboration, networking, and personal growth. They also mark the coming together of 6 different wealth segments for business deals, investments, sharing life and business experiences as well as giving back to society to create legacies and impacting people’s lives.

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