33Club and ARC Join Forces to Create New Experiences for Crypto Communities

July 1st, 2023, Singapore – In an exciting collaboration that brings together two thriving communities, 33Club and ARC Community have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance the opportunities and experiences available to ARC Stellar holders. This partnership marks a significant milestone in both communities’ shared commitment to creating exceptional moments and connections within the world of luxury and networking.

33Club recently announced its 6 foundational pillars for building an all-rounded community by focusing on new, traditional, collectors, overseas, finance and female wealth. 

As part of its crypto pillar, 33Club and ARC have jointly agreed to come together due to the shared vision in building a high networth community by combining their virtual and physical resources. Instead of going their own ways, they will now collaborate to develop a new ecosystem for the growing crypto community in Singapore and beyond. ARC’s founders include Mr Kiat Lim, Mr Elroy Cheo and JJ Lin and their community already includes notable figures in the crypto industry. 

Read more about ARC here.

As part of this MoU, the following has been established over a period of 6 months:

Pilot Access to 33Club’s Physical Space:

As part of the MoU, 33Club has extended a generous offer to ARC Stellar holders. Until 31st December 2023, ARC Stellar holders will have exclusive pilot access to 33Club’s prestigious physical space. This trial period allows ARC Stellar holders to immerse themselves in the luxurious ambiance and world-class facilities that 33Club has to offer and to co-mingle with 33Club members for an exchange of ideas and to establish new possibilities.

ARC Nights: Introducing the Space:

To further acquaint ARC Stellar holders with the opulent surroundings, every Friday evening in June and July 2023 will be hosted as “ARC Nights” at 33Club. These dedicated events aim to provide a glimpse into the remarkable experiences that await within the 33Club community.

Preferred Event Venue and Referrals:

Under the MoU, ARC designates 33Club as a preferred event venue for the community, ensuring that members can benefit from the exclusive offerings and exceptional services provided by 33Club. ARC also actively refers Stellars to 33Club as the preferred event venue, highlighting the mutual value and synergies between the two communities.

Collaborative Projects:

Both parties will collaborate on projects during the pilot period to further benefit both communities. These include but are not limited to watch funds, movie investments, whiskey funds etc.

Expansion Plans:

33Club recently announced its expansion to 9 other regions and with this MoU, ARC x 33Club will be working hand in hand and closely together on this initiative. These 9 countries of expansion are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Interested potential partners can further contact 33Club if they wish to collaborate with us.

To collaborate or find out more about 33Club, please email us at reception@33club.sg or fill out the form below

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