Terms & Conditions

Welcome to 33Club Membership

We are delighted that you are considering joining our community. Below are the terms and conditions that guide our membership policies. Should you have any questions, our team is always here to assist.

Membership Fees and Refunds

Upon joining, your membership is activated, allowing you immediate access to our range of exclusive benefits and services. The initial fee, payable upon joining, is invested directly into maintaining the high standard of offerings and personalised services all our members enjoy. We commit to providing an unparalleled membership experience; however, please note that in order to consistently deliver these exceptional services, the membership fees are not refundable. This policy supports our commitment to quality and exclusivity, directly benefiting our valued members.

Lifetime Membership

Our lifetime membership is an exclusive opportunity, limited to just 660 privileged individuals. An SGD 5,000 administrative fee will apply to any transfer. Please note, this fee and the ability to transfer are subject to periodic review and may change to best meet our community’s needs.

Membership Maintenance Fees

We reserve the right to adjust the membership programme to better align with our club’s vision and market conditions. When changes are made, we will communicate clearly with you and ensure they serve the best interest of our community. Payments may be made monthly or annual for your convenience. All pre-payments will be honoured for the full terms paid in advance. Please note that no refunds will not be issued should the membership be discontinued.

Club Access and Conduct

Access to our club is at the discretion of 33Club, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all members. We require all members and their guests to adhere to our dress code of Business or Smart Casual Attire to maintain the professional and respectful ambiance of our club. Please note, sleeveless tops, collarless tee-shirts, shorts, slippers, flip-flops, and sandals are not permitted within the club premises. We reserve the right to refuse entry or revoke memberships without a refund if it is necessary to uphold the club’s standards and policies. This policy helps ensure that all members can enjoy what 33Club proudly offers equitably.

Legal and Secure Use

Our memberships must be used in compliance with all applicable laws and club policies. Any misuse may lead to termination of the membership. Members are responsible for securing their account information and any activities under their account.


The Club is not responsible for any personal loss or damage that might occur during the use of club facilities or membership benefits. We encourage members to safeguard their personal belongings and valuables.

Policy Updates

We may update our membership policies and benefits from time to time, and we ask members to adhere to any new modifications. These updates will be made with the intent of enhancing member experience and club offerings.

Communication Consent

By joining 33Club, you agree to receive updates and marketing communications through various channels. We promise to keep you informed about exclusive offers, exciting events, and club news.

No Solicitation Policy

While we recognize that many of our members are distinguished business owners and professionals, 33Club is dedicated to providing a relaxed and private environment where members can enjoy our exclusive benefits and community engagements without interference. To preserve the integrity of our club atmosphere, active solicitation of business or services within the club premises is not permitted. This policy ensures that all members can focus on relaxation and personal connections, while enjoying the unique amenities of 33Club.

Welcome to 33Club, where membership is about more than privileges—it’s about being part of a vibrant community.

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